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Serfs & Peasants in Mediveal Times

There are 3 types of peasants that may have lived on the manor, Slaves, who could be bought and sold, Serfs, who had no political rights,  and Freemen, who owned small parts of the land.

Knight Pointing Left

Knight Pointing Right
The name of our role is peasant/serfs. The Peasants and serfs were very important in the Middle ages, because they tended to the crops and mended the land. If there weren't any peasants or serfs, there would probably be no food.
  • Peasants lived on the manor
  • Peasant families usually lived together in a 1-2 bedroom house.
  • Peasants had very items in a peasants or serf home.
  • They had very few cooking utinsels and a table or 2.
  • The peasants and serfs painted their houses with a white substance called lime.
  • The roofs on their homes were usually thatched with a thick layer of stray, reeds, ant other plants.

Peasants and serfs had a very hard life.

Serfs & Peasants Daily Routine

Life changed as the season changed, because if the crops wern't good in a season, they would have a lowered chance of survival, and their lord would be very un-happy.

  • Spring- Plant crops
  • Summer- Tend Crops
  • Autumn- Harvest
  • Winter- Plant Winter crops

Peasants had a fairly unchanging diet consisting of porrige, bread, and berries. They also tended to the rest of the manor. If they didn't do there responsibilities the manor wouldn't be in very good shape at all.

  • They made their own clothes but the clothes were poorly made.


Serf and Peasant  clothes:
Women: old dresses
Men: long sleeve shirts; pants

Serf & Peasant's Entertainment
  • Go ice skating
  • Play with marbles
  • Give piggy back rides       

This was built by The MeadowHaven Group. Garrett Nelson, Tanner Roovers, Kiley Fleury & Kaitlyn Van Asten. Hr. 7 Social Studies.
Information gathered by Kiley Fleury, Tanner Roovers & Kaitlyn Van Asten